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NOLA Wise Energy Efficiency Loan

*Must be a resident of Orleans Parish
 Private Loan
NOLA Wise is a local loan program that provides
loans to those who wish to improve the energy-
efficiency of their property by 15% or more. As of
October 2012, unsecured Energy Efficient Loans
are available from $3,000 – $15,000 with 3.75%-
10.385%* APR to qualified applicants. Unsecured
loans can be repaid in 1, 3, 5 or 7 year terms.
Home equity secured loans are available from $15,001-
$25,000 with 5.24% - 6.288%* APR to qualified applicants.
Secured loans can be repaid in 5 or 10 year terms. No
down payments is required for either unsecured or
secured loans, and an additional 0.25% discount on
interest is available if automatic payment is setup with a
Fidelity checking account.

Cleco Power Miser Program
*Must be a customer of CLECO

Private Discount
Louisiana's Cleco Power offers energy
efficiency incentives to eligible customers.
Cleco Power offers a rate discount for residential
customers building homes that meet the Power
Miser Program specifications. Additionally, new
homes installing eligible heat pumps may receive
up to a $1,000 bonus rebate. A customer that is building
a new home that meets program standards will receive a
rate discount of 10% between November and April for the
first five years they live in the house.
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 DEMCO Touchstone Energy Discount Private Discount

DEMCO provides those building a new home with
information on how to build it more energy efficient.
Following their recommendations results in a $125
rebate for a new heat pump.

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Energy Conservation Subsidy Exclusion National
Exemption Energy conservation subsidies provided (directly or
indirectly) to customers by public utilities are non-

Shreveport Energy Efficiency Program (SEED)
*Must be a resident of Shreveport, as well as
qualify for the defunct federal loan program HERO
Municipal Loan
Provide low-interest loans to those who which to
improve the energy efficiency of their homes.
 Home Energy Loan Program
*Cannot have particpated in HERO.
State Loan Allows homeowners to get a five-year loan to improve
the energy efficiency of their existing home, with 50%
of the loan subsidized by the Louisiana DNR. Participating
lenders set the interest rate and maximum loans offered
to program participants.
 Energy-Efficient Mortgages National Loan Homeowners can take advantage of energy efficient
mortgages (EEM) to either finance energy efficiency
improvements to existing homes, including renewable
energy technologies, or to increase their home buying
power with the purchase of a new energy efficient home.

U.S. Department of Energy -
Loan Guarantee Program 

National  Loan

The DOE actively promotes projects in three categories:
(1) manufacturing projects, (2) stand-alone projects, and
(3) large-scale integration projects that may combine multiple
eligible renewable energy, energy efficiency and transmission
technologies in accordance with a staged development scheme.
Under the original authorization, loan guarantees were intended
to encourage early commercial use of new or significantly
improved technologies in energy projects. The loan guarantee
program generally does not support research and development
projects. Focuses on loans worth more than $25 million.

*Applicable only to ENO customers in
Orleans Parish. 
Municipal Rebate

Provides rebates for the following improvements:
Individual Measures

New Homes: $200-$375/home

Heat Pump Water Heater: $375

Window Unit AC: $35 - $50

A/C Tune-up: $75

AC/Heat Pumps $150 - $1000

CFL's: Free Install

Pool Pumps: $400

Home Performance with Energy Star

Home Energy Assessment (Level 1): $35 cost

Home Energy Assessment (Level 2): Market Rate

Home Energy Assessment (Level 3): Market Rate

Attic Insulation: Up to $0.35/sq. ft.

Wall Insulation: $0.25/sq. ft. 

Floor Insulation (Electric Heat): Up to $0.20/sq. ft.

Air Infiltration Sealing: $0.20/CFM Reduced 

Duct Sealing: $0.24/sq. ft.

Solar Screens/Window Film: $1/sq. ft.

Radiant Barrier: $0.07/sq. ft. Total maximum rebate possible is
$5,000 for those with Home Performance by Energy Star. 


Entergy Commercial and Industrial Solutions Program

*Must be an Entergy customer in Orleans Parish. 
Private Rebate The Commercial and Industrial Solutions Program is an energy
efficiency program designed to help business customers 
Entergy Residential Energy Efficiency Program
*Must be an Entergy customer in Orleans Parish.
Private Rebate
Provides rebates for energy-efficient improvements. List
of improvements and associated rebates is on the ENO
website. Entergy will conduct a home-assessment, and
offers up to $5,000 in rebates.
Solar Energy System Exemption
Tax Credit Any equipment attached to an owner-occupied residential
building or swimming pool as part of a solar energy system
is considered personal property that is exempt from ad
valorem taxation. The value of a solar energy system will
not be included in the assessment of such buildings or
swimming pools.

Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC)  


National Tax Credit  Provides tax credits for solar energy, fuel cells and micro-
turbines; increased the credit amount for fuel cells; established
new credits for small wind-energy systems, geothermal heat
pumps, and combined heat and power (CHP) systems; allowed
utilities to use the credits; and allowed taxpayers to take the
credit against the alternative minimum tax (AMT), subject to
certain limitations

Solar Water Heater Pilot
*Must be an Entergy customer in Orleans Parish.

Private Rebate Install a qualifying solar water heating system and earn
up to $1,000 in rebates.
Rebate Amount = kWh savings(annual) x $0.34/kWh

Weatherization & Inter-Governmental Program

*Cap per home is $6,500.
Limitations can include repairs such as cosmetic,
plumbing, or electric, for example).

National  Service

The Weatherization Assistance Program makes low-income
homes more energy efficient for free. While improvements
vary by situation and location, common measures taken include
the insulation of walls, refrigerator replacement, and air sealing.
Check Benefits.gov to see if you qualify and how to apply. This
service is for both traditional homes and mobile homes.

Wind and Solar Energy Systems Tax Credit
Tax Credit A credit towards the installation of solar water heat,
solar space heat, or photovoltaics. 50% of the first
$25,000 of the cost of each system. Leased systems
installed after December 31, 2013: 38% of the first
$25,000 of the cost of each system 

Louisiana state income tax credit for residential
solar energy systems
*Section 22.01 in pdf.

Tax Credit    Louisiana provides a corporate, franchise or personal
income tax credit in the amount 50% of cost of installing
of solar energy systems. The maximum tax credit is
$12,500 per installed system. 
Louisiana state property tax exemption for
residential solar energy systems
*Section 22.05 in pdf.

  Louisiana provides a property tax exemption in the amount
of 100% of the tax on residential solar energy systems.

Louisiana state property tax financing option
for sustainable energy financing districts

*Section 22.03 in pdf.

  Taxpayer must own and finance energy improvements
on immovable residential or commercial property. The
maximum tax financing amount for caulking and weather
stripping is $1,500.

Energy Rated Homes of Louisiana Resource    Have an official Home Energy Rater assess the energy
efficiency rating of your home. Good for those appraising
their home, looking to qualify for a mortgage, or invest-
igating what improvements to make to their home to save
money in the long-run. 
Manual for Renovating Older Homes
Resource   A guide to the renovation and restoration of older homes
in Louisiana. 
Rebuilding Your Flooded Home  Resource   A guide to rebuilding flooded homes so that they will be
more energy efficient.